Quilting quadrangles

NimikirjaimetThe monogram of my grandfather´s mother reminds me from the past.

In the spring 2013 I noticed that a craft shop opened in a nearby shopping center. I decided to go a have a look what they have for sale. I fell in love with small patterned Tilda fabrics. The cotton fabrics in pale colors and romantic patterns made me go again and again to the store to look at them. I wondered what I could make of those fabrics.

 Quaint quilt

Gradually my mind was made up when I realized that I didn´t have a quilt. I dreamed of quaint quilt filled with memories. I would do a beautiful quilt all by myself even though I didn´t have any experience not to mention the lack of a sewing machine.

I bought a second hand sewing machine in March 2013 and dug up a pile of old, too small and worn out jeans from my wardrobe. The oldest pair of jeans must have dated back to my upper level of comprehensive school or high school. Drawing a template 10×10 cm was easy. I draw it because all the patches had to be of the same size.

After that I cut the inner seams of legs open. To the back side of denim I draw outlines of the patches according to template with a ballpoint pen. I wanted to utilize the fabric as efficiently as I could. I used even the material from the back side pockets.

VirtahepoThe quilt turn out to be quite nice after all.

I titivated the patch edges when my hands grew tired from cutting the patches. I cut and titivated in turns because the scissors pressed my fingers. I bought already cut Tilda fabrics from a sale. There were lots of romantic fabrics which to choose from and the choice was not an easy one. So I ended up with four different kinds of cotton fabrics.

My washing machine was in good use when I washed the patterned cotton fabrics before ironing and cutting. The cotton shrunk a bit in the wash and it was expected. During the evenings while I watched the telly I also unpicked seams from old bad linen decorated with lace. The lace and old family monograms could be used again.

 Quilting quagmire

Once in a while I had to buy some more Tilda fabrics. In addition to that my old jeans were not enough. I also needed some more denim which I got from a bagful of old jeans originally owned by my friend and her boyfriend. It took approximately 10 pairs of jeans to make a quilt.

The width of the quilt was determined by the width of Tilda bolt. I designed the looks of the front side of the quilt in the floor of my living room. I set the patches on a series of rows and when I found a combination of my liking I sew those together. Every second patch was denim.

I sew ribbons of patches together after I had mixed different shades of denim and four different patterns of cotton all over the quilt. My design was not a complete success because some of the similar patterns repeated too often. I should have bought a lager variety of cottons. Luckily the lace and monograms brought alteration to the design.

KoloThe last centimeters of the quilt I sew by hand.

After all it took 17×26 patches to make the quilt. I hand stitched cotton wool to the back of patches. My goal was to make it thick and fluffy. Only afterwards I noticed that the thickness was going to be a problem. I couldn´t sew front side with the cotton wool together with the back side. My sewing machine refused to co-operate.

So I had to let my handicraft to rest for a while until I signed up for a sewing course in Vantaa Adult Education Institute. There I could finally finish my project that took about six months.


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