Herb Labels for Mother´s Day


Creating name tags for herbs or other plants is easy if you have the right necessity. All you need is labels, waterproof marker, acrylic paint and waterproof varnish. You can also have something extra for the decoration. For this purpose I bought some colorful wooden ladybugs.


Before you decide to go and buy the necessity, be aware that this takes surprisingly lot of time and patience. There is over 10 stages before you finish. There is 2 layers of paint on the both sides,  one layer of paint on the edges, writing, 2 layers of lacquer on the both sides and also to the edges so that the paint won´t start to run in rain. Then you have to glue the ladybugs and warnish those too. Drying takes the most of the time.


The supplies for herb labels can be found in craft shops. The wooden ladybug accessories are from Sinelli, labels from Tiger and all the rest is from Askarelli.


Here is few tips that I learned from the hard way:

  1. Paint and varnish as thinly as you can. Otherwise the surface will be uneven and there will be difficulties in writing in it. When you paint two thin layers the paint will surface enough. The backsides of my labels became uneven.
  2. Use soft paintbrush. A soft paintbrush applies the paint evenly and makes much better end result than a bristle brush.
  3. Let the labels dry long enough outdoors for instance a balcony. This is how the poisonous vapours won´t come inside your house and the varnish won´t harm your hands.
  4. Don´t put labels to dry over a plastic bag. The colours of the plastic bag will stick to the wet lacquer to the back side of a label. Use baking paper as underlay instead.
  5. The ladybugs have a sticker behind them. Don´t use the sticker, it won´t last. Use superglue to attach the ladybug to the label.
  6. Remember to varnish the accessories (ladybugs) too because the paint won´t otherwise last in bad weather.
  7. Pick the labels into safety for the winter.

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