Antique Fair Presented Lovely Items

Habitare is the biggest interior design expo in Finland. At the same time was held Antiikki (antique) fair in Messukeskus, Helsinki. Here are the best jugend items that I found from the expo.

Kahvikupit Maini ja Veli

Antiikki Maini ja Veli Oy has for sale a romantic set of coffee cups from the turn of the century. This beautiful china is decorated with lilacs. I can just imagine myself  starting a new day by drinking a nice cup of hot tea from these cups in a sunny verandah.

Öljylamppu 2 Amppelivalaisin

For a long time I have fancied to have at least a 100 years old wooden villa, which I could fill in with jugend/art nouveau style furniture and other decorative items. My dream house could be decorated with these  pink lamps or similar.

Lasipuikkovalaisin 2

Also this light fixture with hanging crystals is to my liking.  As a matter of fact I have a lamp that reminds me of this quite a lot.


I have a small collection of old perfume bottles, so I was interested to see what´s there for sale. These two did not end up at my home because they were of wrong color and they were pricy.

Look at more photos from my other blog.


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