Why Digitalize Your Annual Report?

“Digital annual reports give more to the reader than press releases and are more user-friendly.”

  1. Web is the first place where people start to find new information.
  2. The information is available 24/7 in the web.
  3. Journalists and other stakeholders may want to utilize the time they use to commute in a bus or a train.
  4. When you use “mobile first” principle, you ensure the usability of responsive sites.
  5. Digitalization enables rich content formats: videos, infographics, and dynamic graphics.
  • CEO´s review can be a video. It is more personal and it talks directly to you. Video as a part of digital annual report can create ambiance. It can also give a polished look to the digitalized annual report.
  1. Unlike printed annual report, the digitalized annual report can be changed and modified (correctified) after publishing.
  2. Statistics and analytics of the digital annual report reveal what information is of special interest to the stakeholders. This information can be used to develop contents of the annual reports for the coming years.
  3. Costs and waste is diminished. It is cost effective to make digital annual report first, make a pdf of it and digi print it. So you can print the amount of annual reports needed and avoid printing too many annual reports. You can also save some additional storage costs.
  4. If you use the same technical layout and structure (platform) for your digitalized annual report more than once, you can save 50 % of the costs. But you cannot avoid from feeding the information to the platform. That you have to redo every year.

    Source: Jussi Kuparinen/Koodiviidakko, Markkinointiviestinnän viikko 2015. http://www.viidakko.fi


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