Thesis About Content Strategy

I have been planning  a thesis around content strategy and here is some thoughts of mine regarding the theory part of the work.


“Content strategy defines how a company is going to use content to meet the needs of business, guides decisions about content from creation to deletition, and sets benchmarks against which to measure success.” (Reid 2013, 22-27)

Carolina Reid (Reid 2013, 22-27) compares content strategy to a map which is a great idea. A map is never truly finished because it changes over time – neither is content strategy. There may be new exploration trips that cumulate the knowledge of humankind of the geography of our known world and these discoveries may clarify and give more details to our map. Also politics and wars change the borders of the countries on our map, so it has to be updated from time to time.

As I see it, the content strategy evolves with the times. Every published magazine issue increases the amount of information we have: what the magazine is truly a like and what our readers want. Every experience and new piece of information gained benefit the editorial team because they can gradually modify and enhance the content strategy to better meet the needs. It´s all about constant improvement and fine tuning. That is why action research is a perfect companion for a content strategy.

However, Reid reminds me that a strategy sets a vision for the future. “Although it can be revised, it is perennial, not seasonal.” So there has to be continuity and constant changes must be minimal, but larger changes in direction has to be done if needed as the world around us changes. You can´t stop the development.



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